Sales Transformation

What We Do:

If you have all the revenue you need, you don’t need us. Yes, that’s our slogan, but it’s true. Revenue is the lifeblood of your company and is the essential gear that makes your company run. We understand that no one wants to buy sales training, what you want is more, and more consistent revenue. That’s what we do. We are not a company who will come in and run a couple of classroom sessions, we will help diagnose your sales issues and then prescribe a program to transform your sales operation.

We specialize in complex sales.  That means big ticket, B2B sales where there are lots of people involved on the buying side and they have lots of options.  So, if your sales operation is transactional, we are not for you.  BetterSell Solutions, a subsidiary of Growth Strategy Inc. is a sales and marketing consulting company dedicated to helping companies achieve sales excellence.  Whether the issue is sales training, go-to-market strategies, channel strategy, product positioning or ensuring the right people are in place, we can help.

As a Miller Heiman authorized sales consultantancy we can offer you the industry standard in sales training as well as a suite of consulting services to help you increase the productivity of every sales rep, increase your return on investment on your CRM system, or streamline your sales process. But, don’t think of us as a sales training firm, think of us as a sales transformation firm.  If there are fundamental flaws in the way you sell today… some of them are listed below, then we should talk.

Here are some of the problems we solve:

  • We can’t get accurate forecasts
  • My reps don’t really know how to talk to their customers
  • I’m being forced to reorganize to reduce costs yet still expected to grow revenue
  • Changing the behaviors of my sales organization is too slow
  • We’ve never got the return from our CRM investment we should have
  • Because we can’t grow the top line we’re being forced to manage to the bottom line and it’s killing us
  • Our “no decision” rate is increasing and our sales cycles are getting longer
  • We need better penetration in our largest accounts
  • Tough times are showing me who can sell and who can’t
  • My sales reps aren’t calling at the right level

Over the course of working with a number of companies we have found that most of these problems are caused by the following:

  • Inadequate attention to the sales process and standardizing its use within your organization.  This includes whether you don’t properly identify opportunities, don’t manage and close enough opportunities in your pipeline, or leave money on the table when you negotiate.
  • Failure to get the right people.  People drive the success or failure of the company, yet, too many companies look for people with the right skills and experience at the expense of finding out just what makes a great candidate.
  • Inadequate attention to what it is your selling, what your value proposition is, to whom you are targeting, and not defining either your ideal customer profile, or identifying a compelling reason to buy.

You need a “sales system”

Whether you are an emerging tech company, ready to go public, or a well established company we are keen believers that if you are a B2B “big ticket” software/technology company you need a sales system comprised of three pieces:

  1. A way to created opportunities, i.e. a way to fill the pipeline with real deals.  This involves product and corporate marketing and lead generation, but more than that, it means a way to engage with your prospects with an intelligent conversation in order to qualify and entice the prospect to want to pursue a deal with you.
  2. A way to manage those opportunities to close.  This involves creating a strategy to close the deal with a solid plan behind it.  It also includes whether you wan the deal or not as well as managing the pipeline so sales people know what’s important and what’s not.
  3. A way to manage the relationships with your most important accounts.  Understanding why your customers buy from you might be the cornerstone of all business and managing accounts is the key to it.