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Bob Hatcher

For over fifteen years large and small software companies have relied upon Bob’s wisdom and insights to help grow their business.  Bob is a keen believer that every B2B “big ticket” software company needs a sales system comprised of three pieces:


  1. A way to created opportunities, i.e. a way to fill the pipeline with real deals.  This involves product and corporate marketing and lead generation, but more than that, it means a way to engage with your prospects with an intelligent conversation in order to qualify and entice the prospect to want to pursue a deal with you.
  2. A way to manage those opportunities to close.  This involves creating a strategy to close the deal with a solid plan behind it.  It also includes whether you win the deal or not as well as managing the pipeline so sales people know what’s important and what’s not.
  3. A way to manage the relationships with your most important accounts.  Understanding why your customers buy from you might be the cornerstone of all business and managing accounts is the key to it.

Bob’s customer list includes large companies such as Yahoo and EMC as well as smaller companies such as Eagle Investment Systems and Trillium Software.  SaaS companies such as Brightcove and SiteSpect have also benefited from Bob’s expertise. Prior to launching his consulting practice in 1999, Bob was a senior executive of two venture backed start-ups that both went public and were eventually sold for huge multiples, Renaissance Solutions and iCube.  Prior to that Bob was an executive at Lotus Development Corporation.

What our clients are saying...


About the Sales Summits…


“I find the giving more rewarding than the taking.”


“This group saved my job!”


“I find it really healthy to be in a group discussing the issues I’d normally think about alone.”

What our clients are saying...


About strategic planning…


“Bonnie Gorbaty is responsible for taking my company from good to great in two short years.”


“Bonnie Gorbaty played a key role in bringing my management team together in order to develop and implement a strategic plan. Bonnie helped me clarify my vision and then helped me bring it to my entire team.”

What our clients are saying...


About opportunity management…


“We are being much more selective now on deals we pursue based upon Bob’s process.


We are more than making up for it with a much higher win rate.”


“Our funnel has never been healthier.”

What our clients are saying...


About creating opportunities…


“Our lead generation has never been better.”


“Our qualifying is much better now and we are passing along leads to our outside sales reps that have a much higher probability of closing.”


“The conversations we are having with our prospects are much richer and are yielding many more opportunities.”

What our clients are saying...


About leadership development…


“Bonnie helped me become the leader I thought I could be.”


“I knew there was a leader inside me, I just didn’t know how to release her.”


“Leadership is not something you learn from a book.  It is something that comes from within.”

Bonnie Gorbaty

Bonnie has more than thirty years of business and consulting experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial organizations. Bonnie combines her business knowledge and experience with an understanding of the behavioral sciences to assist CEOs in bringing about needed organizational growth and change to effectively implement their business strategy.

With a keen sense for assessing an individual, group or organization’s skills and behaviors in taking the right strategic actions, she is able to design, customize and implement the appropriate processes and programs that engage and tap her client’s potential to succeed.

Bonnie currently facilitates CEO Forums for The Commonwealth Institute that bring together CEOs for peer support in learning new ways to approach their growth issues. She is also a Certified Leader Mentor for the Arch of Leadership Programs mentoring CEOs in all types of organizations. In 2006, Bonnie worked with the Boston Architectural College in launching their first distance learning, master degree program for architects and offering their first leadership course as part of the program.

In the course of her consulting experience, Bonnie has worked with a diversity of companies including Athena Neurosciences, Jordan’s Furniture, WBUR, Covisia Solutions, Towerwall, HouseWorks, Ironside Group, Accountability Outsourcing, Fox Relocation, Erving Paper, and PetEdge.

Bonnie’s business experiences range from corporate executive positions in marketing and strategic planning to successful growth of her own businesses and affiliations with several consulting firms. Bonnie holds a B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology and an M.A. from Lesley College.